Webpaper is an on-line tool, which is supposed to solve the problem of knowledge exchange between employees, collecting it on the basis of: question - answer.

For what purpose?

1. Gathering and grouping company knowledge.

2. Problem solving - (question - answer).

3. Collecting feedback on the quality of the content.


1. Gathering employees' knowledge in one place. The knowledge and experience of the employees - today's undisputed capital - remain in the company even after their departure.

2. Specific problems and specific answers (question - answer). There are no unnecessary elaborations describing the problem - if the situation does not require it.

3. Feedback from users (evaluation of the problem and its solution).

4. Grouping questions and answers in spaces that correspond to the specificity of the problem.

5. Save time and energy in troubleshooting. How? A recurring problem * several times * the number of employees who struggle with it * the time needed to solve it again.

Sounds interesting? Leave your name, e-mail and let us know what you would like to meet in the tool and what will make it work better for you.